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Google is Working to Fix one of Android’s Biggest Issues with Android 14


Although Android is developed by Google, it is often customized by smartphone manufacturers. This results in each brand offering its own unique experience, but it also occasionally leads to problems. For example, different devices handle background services differently, which can be frustrating for some users. Fortunately, Google is working on a partnership with Samsung to deliver a more consistent background services experience. Here are the details…

Google and Samsung Unite to Address Android’s Inconsistent Background Services

Google and Samsung have joined forces to tackle one of Android’s most frustrating problems: the inconsistent handling of background services. The tech giants are working together to ensure a more uniform implementation of Android 14’s background APIs, starting with Samsung’s One UI 6.0 update for Galaxy devices.

In fact, the issue of background services is not new. Smartphone manufacturers have been limiting certain system features for a long time to extend their devices’ battery life. This often leads to unintended app behavior and a subpar user experience. Android 14 introduces changes to address these problems, including streamlined background operations and new Google Play policies.

Samsung is the first company to partner with Google in this endeavor, and their collaboration will be evident in the upcoming One UI 6.0 update. As developers update their apps to target Android 14, the overall user experience should improve significantly. Actually, Google has guidelines for background processes. However, these guidelines have not been very effective up until now.

Google’s I/O event will take place on May 10th. It is expected that the company will introduce Android 14 at the event and shed more detailed light on its features.



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