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Google Keep now lets you drag and drop cats (and other images) between apps


When it comes to note-taking, Google likes to play it simple with Keep. Unfortunately, though, many would-be users find the app a bit too simple, missing out on some basic features. So, the company's doing something about it. Following the recent addition of a couple of text formatting goodies, Google Keep is now getting a new feature that makes it easier to move images around the apps you need.

You can now drag photos and pictures up from the image carousel on a Google Keep note and then drag them out on to other apps in Android's split-screen mode. The single GIF that accompanied Google's blog post shows a tablet interface in action, so it's clear what kind of devices this feature's actually aimed at, though we have been able to get drag-and-drop from Keep to work on phones.

We've been able to confirm through our limited testing that you won't be able to drop images into anything that isn't a Google app right now, at least with Google Messages and the Google Workspace apps like Docs or Drive. Honestly, third-party messaging apps are our ideal destinations, but we suspect Google will need to extend some APIs to make that possible. That'll take a while to happen, we bet.

That little taskbar at the bottom of the demo GIF, if you may recall, was first introduced with Android 12L along with a bunch of other features Google brought to finally show some long-overdue love for tablets. Drag-and-drop functionality would be incredibly useful across many apps in a large-screen context, so we're crossing our fingers for more of this, please and thank you.

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