Google Wallet spreads holiday cheer with cute animations when you tap and pay

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We've been blessed with the occasional Easter egg from Google Wallet (neé Google Pay, Android Pay, and… Google Wallet), mainly in the form of special animations that take place after you've tapped and paid with your watch or phone. For the holidays this year, the company is back at it again with a series of post-transaction vignettes for us shoppers to enjoy.

Specifically, these animations take place once a sale is complete and a confirmation checkmark in a blue circle appears.


In our vain attempts to try and capture as many animations as possible without spending too much money, we only were able to record one of them: it was the checkmark ball turning into a lovely wintry nighttime scene in a snowglobe. We also saw, but didn't capture an animation centered around a snowman.

Not every purchase you make with Google Wallet will turn up an animation, especially if you're making back-to-back purchases. It's also pretty easy to miss them if you tap or swipe out of the animation.

One clip that 9to5Google was able to capture features the checkmark turning into a gray tabby transforming into a tree bauble with ugly sweaters. The site was also able to catch a quick snapshot of some marshmallows chilling out in a welcoming mug of hot chocolate.

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In any case, hopefully you'll be able to enjoy a few of these little bundles of holiday joy while they're still around.

Note to my bosses: don't panic, unlike that other time, I'm not actually expensing my lunch for this.

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