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The best Google Pixel 7 Pro cases in 2022

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After reinventing the Pixel experience last year, Google could focus on refining the hardware and software with the Pixel 7 Pro, bumping up the video experience with Cinematic Blur and 4K 60fps on all of its cameras. Whether you intend to take those cameras everywhere to start your TikTok career or just want one of the best Android phones on the market, protect your investment with the best Pixel 7 Pro cases. From thin and clear to ruggedly handsome, there's a case here for everyone.

    Staff pick

    Spigen's Liquid Air may not be quite as popular as the Rugged Armor, but it has two distinct advantages: the entire back of this Pixel 7 Pro case is shallowly textured, and it comes in a color besides black. While there are several blue — particularly navy blue — cases for the 7 Pro, the Liquid Air's particular hue works famously with both the polished gold of the Hazel and the polished silver of the Snow, offering a very calm and collected look while still giving you plenty of purchase and some drop protection.

    Value pick

    If you're all about that Hazel, the best slim, clear case to show it off is, without a doubt, the Ringke Fusion. The polycarbonate back adds stability and durability, while flexible TPU bumpers and corner cushions help absorb impacts and grip the 7 Pro's edges better. If you're more after Google's first-party cases' frosted looks, this Matte Clear version offers it in spades while still protecting your Pixel much better than Google's case. If you prefer Crystal Clear, Ringke has that option, too.

    Premium pick

    Dbrand's Grip cases are gaining a reputation for being among the most durable and versatile options for phone buyers today, and the Pixel 7 Pro version is no exception. Launched alongside the company's new Digital Camo line, including the Glitch Camo skin seen here (though you can choose any skin from the company's lineup), the Grip case is low-profile, protective, and genuinely worth the premium cost. And the Grip name actually does what it says on the tin: it makes it less likely you'll drop the phone you just spent nearly $900 on.

    If you're after an eco-conscious case that will actually give your phone a decent level of protection — sorry, Google — Pela's cases are made with flax fiber and plant-based bioplastic to produce a case that's durable, soft, and 100% sustainably made. Yeah, flax may not sound soft, but really, this is one of the best-feeling Pixel 7 Pro cases around, by a wide margin. There are a number of solid-colored options, but engraved or patterned cases like this Seashell Disco allow you to add some extra fun. And who doesn't need some extra fun right now?

    If you prefer to kick it old school when it comes to phone protection — if newer, fancier designs just feel awkward to your hands — Tudia's Merge Series offers up the retro two-layer support your Pixel 7 prefers. We're getting more colors this year and some very subtle sculpting of the sides for added grip on the 7 Pro's curvy edges, but the solid build quality feels excellent in hand and will hold up for years to come.

    Wallet case selection — especially folio case selection — has been sparse for the Pixel 7 Pro so far, but in the age of MagSafe, we can have a wallet case without having to bulk up our phone all the time. Encased's clear case here has that telltale MagSafe magnet circle, aligned to work with magnetic chargers and the included MagSafe wallet, which you can take on and off at will and use as a kickstand, too. And should you need a thinner wallet, bigger wallet, or just something more stylish, this case opens you up to a whole new world of accessories.

    For a phone as massive as the Google Pixel 7 Pro is, a lot of people would want to protect it with a case. A lot of those same people also want to still be able to fit it in their pockets. Enter totallee's Thin Case, which provides tactility and drop resistance. You've also got an extra lip around the rear cameras and all the corners covered. It comes in Solid Black and Clear looks.

    As the original Made for Google case partner, Bellroy knows exactly what Pixel owners want and gives it to us every year. (Except the Pixel 5, but we don't talk about that.) This “environmentally-certified” leather-wrapped hard case clings to the Pixel 7 Pro's sculpted sides expertly while the six color options draw the eye and enchant the heart. The verdant Evergreen allows you to mix things up without losing the green/gold loveliness of the Hazel Pixel 7 Pro, and the Simple Taupe pairs well with the gold too, but for my money, Blue Daze is just unbeatable.

    The Nano Pop's two-tone colorways may not perfectly match the Pixel 7 Pro's unique Hazel option, but it brings plenty of style all its own. That's perfect for people like me who don't quite get the appeal of the Hazel but want more color than Charcoal or Snow. While the bumpers of the Nano Pop may seem perfectly smooth, there's actually very subtle texturing across the lower part of the sides for a more secure grip.

    This clear case knows how to take a beating, and the Poetic Guardian's unique accent colors help add some flair to the Snow and Obsidian Pixel 7 Pro. The black bumper and accented edges of the clear back panel can add a pop of neon blue, green, or pink, or another ring of silver to let that shiny camera shine even more. This Pixel 7 Pro case comes with two front frames: one with a screen protector and one without.

    The Kleenex of the case world, Otterbox is synonymous with durability and longevity. So, if you want a case to keep that Hazel cuter safe for the next five years, the Otterbox Defender Series. While we don't have an abundance of color options here, the “Blue Suede Shoes” with its dark Dijon mustard yellow accents looks absolutely wonderful. Getting this Pixel 7 Pro case locked in place around your new phone may take a little elbow grease, but once it's in, it's not going anywhere.

    It's still early days, but the folio selection for the Pixel 7 Pro seems lackluster, so if you typically go for a wallet case, I highly suggest going for this VRS Design card slot case instead. Capable of carrying up to four cards and cash, this steel-accented tank is durable as a heavy-duty case and extra-grippy thanks to the texturing across the back. The extra thickness of the wallet here also makes it easier to hold while out on your urban photo safari, giving the phone a more solid and hefty feel, so it's not as awkwardly unwieldy as a thin, extra-large phone would be.

    One of Spigen's most iconic and trusted designs, the Rugged Armor adds just enough grip and durability while keeping your Pixel 7 Pro as slim as feasible. The classic carbon fiber accents are still around the bottom for a smooth feel and some variety, while striped accents across the camera bar both add grip and help obscure its bump. You still get a slim but crucial lip around the camera sensors and the touchscreen, and air cushions across the interior should help it survive small stumbles.

    The Pixel 7 Pro's frame and camera bar are just so incredibly shiny that they can be downright distracting, so I'm grateful to cases like the Evunnbc that cover as much of it as possible. Not only will it hide any scratches your 7 Pro may pick up, but you also won't have to worry about blinding family members or messing up photos with that bar's crazy light reflection. The bumper comes pink, blue, black, and clear — though clear somewhat defeats the purpose.

    Case textures have to walk a fine, fine line. If the surface is too smooth, it'll just fall out of your hand as easily as the naked phone. But if it's too clingy, it'll be a pain to get in/out of your pocket and will hold onto every bit of dust and lint until the end of time (like Samsung's Silicone Covers). Speck's ImpactHero managed to thread the needle perfectly: it's easy to grip even when your hands are a bit sweaty or dirty, but it's also easy to keep clean. It's also drop-tested up to 8 feet.

The best Pixel 7 Pro cases bring stability

The Pixel 7 Pro and its slightly curved screen look great, and while the backplate isn't nearly as curved as the downright slippery Pixel 6 Pro, this is still a super-sized phone that can feel a bit unwieldy at times. While drop protection and style are great perks of getting a case, what the 7 Pro needs more than anything is extra grip.

The Spigen Liquid Air adds grip while staying slim so as not to add bulk to an already sizeable device. If you're looking for something more workable within a tight budget, totallee's case is a good choice. The Ringke Fusion does the same while still letting you show off your Pixel 7 Pro's color — or lack thereof if you opt for Snow or Obsidian. The Caseology Nano Pop is my go-to case for how comfortable it feels in the hand, but it can feel slick to some, so the Spigen Liquid Air gets the overall nod.

For more serious protection, I'm usually one to go with Supcase or Poetic. Still, the colors on the Otterbox Defender Series are quite enticing, especially if you're buying the Hazel Pixel 7 Pro. The color matching here looks good, and while the blue here is much darker than the green of Hazel, it still looks like a million bucks if you can justify the price. If you can't, Poetic and the Tudia Merge Series DualShield have you covered.

If you're wondering where the official Google case is for the Pixel 7 Pro, we're not including it this year until we can test it out firsthand. Its Pixel 6 Pro cases were a complete disaster, and while Google swears they've learned from those mistakes, we'll believe that when it lasts more than a month without slipping off, discoloring, or warping enough to get the phone scratched.

If you're looking for a great Pixel 7 case, we have options for you, too.

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