What’s wrong (or right) with Android 13 Beta 1? Google wants to hear from you


After two initial developer preview builds, Google has released the first beta of Android 13 to eligible Pixel phones. We're still months out before a final release, but it's already starting to take shape with several notable UI and privacy improvements building upon what its predecessors as well as Android 12L have done. As Google moves forward with its development, though, it is eager to know what you think about it.

As announced by the Android development team on Reddit, the company has opened an anonymous survey requesting feedback about Android 13 Beta 1 and how well it's working for you. The survey will confirm which device you're running the beta with before asking how well the OS is doing in a number of areas such as battery life, stability, device temperature, and performance as well as features like camera and Bluetooth. This survey is looking more for general feedback rather than major incidents though you can report them through this form in addition to filing a bug report or the Beta Feedback form.

If you're actively trying out the latest Android 13 beta on your Pixel phone, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Even if you're not having any major issues β€” we've found this initial beta to be a little uneventful and people in that specific Reddit thread seems to have more or less the same thoughts β€” the company would like to know how well its users are faring as the dev team continues adding new features, tweaks, and improvements to Android 13.

If you're running the latest beta (version TPB1.220310.029, to be precise), make sure to take 5 minutes out of your schedule to fill this survey. Who knows if your specific input might end up saving all of us from a headache when the final version rolls around?

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