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Best tablet and e-reader stands in 2023

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Tablets and e-readers are every tech lover's dream come true, with endless benefits that make reading, browsing, and streaming a breeze. However, one pesky downside that plagues us all is the discomfort of holding them up for extended periods. We've all been there, reaching for anything nearby to prop up our device and save our wrists from strain, only to repeatedly watch our device tumble over.

Fortunately, tablet and e-reader stands have come to the rescue, providing the convenience of a tireless third arm to hold your device in place. Whether you're snuggled up in bed, working at your desk, or cruising in your car, there's a stand out there that will fit your needs. But, let's be real, all stands aren’t created equal. And that's why we've taken the time to curate a collection of the best tablet and e-reader stands — just for you!

  • Twelve South HoverBar Duo

    Source: Twelve South
    Twelve South HoverBar Duo (Gen 2)
    Best overall

    HoverBar Duo (Gen 2) is both a desktop stand and a shelf clamp, and its quick-release clip makes switching between these modes a breeze. Its stand is fully adjustable, extending up to two feet high and down. It supports devices of all sizes and is perfect for use as a second screen at your desk workstation or in the kitchen. And while it may be a little costly, you can go for the similar and less expensive ‘Gen 1’ version.

  • Belkin Tablet Stage Stand

    Source: Belkin
    Belkin Tablet Stage Stand
    Premium pick

    Belkin is known for its high-quality products and accessories, and this Stage stand is one such device. While it happens to be very expensive, it justifies its cost through its versatility, practicality, and durability. It accommodates devices of 7–11 inches and has a 180⁰ switch for shifting between landscape and portrait mode. It’s also solid and sturdy and works great in classrooms and lecture halls, allowing teachers to set up notes, connect to projectors, record presentations, and more.

  • UGreen Tablet Stand

    Source: UGreen
    UGreen Tablet Stand
    Best value

    Looking for a cheap, basic stand to hold up your tablet or e-reader? UGreen’s stand has got you covered. It’s a simple tablet that doesn’t have extraneous features but does a good job of keeping your tablet upright at different angles. It supports tablets and e-readers of all sizes (4–12 inches), making it one of the most versatile options. In addition, the tablet seat is also padded with silicone, so you don’t have to worry about scratching your device.

  • CTA Gooseneck Floor Stand

    Source: CTA Digital
    CTA Gooseneck Floor Stand
    Best floor stand

    The CTA Gooseneck floor stand is built on a base with four swivel caster wheels to move the stand around easily. It can extend up to 58 inches in height with the telescoping pole, and its 12-inch-long gooseneck cable can bend and move to any angle you need. In addition, it includes an attachable storage pouch perfect for a battery pack, phone, or remote. Plus, it comes at a fair price.

  • SaharaCase Stand Mount

    Source: SaharaCase
    SaharaCase Stand Mount

    While tabletop stands can be quite handy and helpful, sometimes having that one extra thing on your desk creates too much clutter. That's where the SaharaCase stand mount comes in. It can be fixed on the wall, cupboard, counter, and other places where it doesn't take up extra space on your desk. It supports devices of 4.7–14 inches and allows you to move your device in many different angles; horizontally, vertically, and 360⁰ around.

  • Parblo PR 100

    Source: Parblo
    Parblo PR 100

    This stand isn't just a regular stand but a graphic design table stand. It's tailored to tablets but also works well with e-readers. It's compatible with devices between 10 and 16 inches. And It can be set up on a desk at different angles, ranging from 15⁰ to 90⁰. Additionally, every part of it that would come in contact with your device is covered with protective rubber to prevent your device from scratching or sliding around during usage.

  • AboveTek 360 Rotating Tablet Stand

    Source: AboveTek
    AboveTek 360 Rotating Tablet Stand

    This affordable tabletop stand is built to accommodate devices of all sizes. From smartphones and surface tabs to e-readers and tablets, this stand offers an excellent solution for keeping your device upright. It can be used in landscape and portrait mode and can be adjusted through six different angles for a more convenient viewing experience. Additionally, it is foldable and allows for a 360⁰ rotation of your device.

  • Lamicall Pillow Stand

    Source: Lamicall
    Lamicall Pillow Stand

    Lamicall's pillow stand is the perfect tablet and e-reader stand for rocking the sheets. It's soft and cozy, so it can conveniently be used on your lap to hold up your tablet. It has different notches at the base for adjusting the viewing angle. Plus, you can place your stylus on there, so you don't lose it. It comes in four colors to match your style (or bed set).

  • Lenovo Universal Easel Stand

    Source: Lenovo
    Lenovo Universal Easel Stand

    It's small and simple but on the expensive side. It's the Lenovo universal easel stand. It's 11 inches tall and weighs about 9.9 ounces, but it is strong and sturdy. It's also aesthetically pleasing, with an exquisite aluminum finish. Although this stand is specially made for the Lenovo ThinkPad X1, it can be used with other tablets and e-reader devices.

  • SaharaCase Headrest Tablet Mount

    Source: SaharaCase
    SaharaCase Headrest Tablet Mount

    SaharaCase’s tablet mount is a plastic-metal headrest that supports tablets of 4.7 inches to 10.5 inches in size. It is solid and sturdy and has a tilt mechanism that allows for 360⁰ rotation. It can easily be set up and adjusted to suit your viewing angle, plus the mount has an ergonomic build that blends seamlessly with your car’s interior.

  • ALASHI Multi-Angle Tablet Holder

    Source: ALASHI
    ALASHI Multi-Angle Tablet Holder

    ALASHI’s multi-angle tablet holder is a stable, durable stand made from high-quality metal. Unlike most aluminum stands, it is heavy and includes non-slip rubber pads, ensuring your device stays firmly in place. It also has a hollow design for heat dissipation, and its adjustable stand can be set to any height or angle. It also folds easily for convenient storage and transport and is compatible with all 7 to 13.3-inch tablets and e-readers.

  • Amazon Basics Multi-Angle Stand

    Source: Amazon Basics
    Amazon Basics Multi-Angle Stand

    If you're looking for a basic stand, there's no option more basic than the Amazon Basics multi-angled stand. Similar to the UGreen stand, it doesn't include extraneous features but does a great job keeping your device upright. It supports devices of 4–10 inches in size and includes non-slip and scratch-resistant rubber padding to protect your device. Additionally, it comes in black and white, which gives you the liberty of choosing something that matches your environment.

Getting the perfect stand for your tablet and e-reader

Whether you own a tablet or a simple e-reader, getting an excellent stand is a great way to get the best out of your device. And depending on how and where you intend to use your device, different stands may suit you best. For instance, if you intend to use your device at your desk and want a stand that holds it properly, the Twelve South stand is the right way to go. It's both a desktop stand and a shelf clamp; it also extends two feet high and down, and supports all devices of all sizes, making it the perfect stand for your tablet or e-reader.

However, there's a more expensive and better alternative: the Belkin Table Stage Stand. It includes features that make delivering presentations a breeze, so it's more suited for use in classrooms and boardrooms. Just like the Twelve South stand, it's too feature-dense for basic use. That's where the UGreen stand comes in, as it doesn't include extraneous features but does an excellent job holding up your phone at different angles. Other uncomplicated stands include the Lenovo easel stand, the Amazon Basics multi-angle stand, and the ALASHI multi-angle tablet holder.

All in all, if you want a stand designed specifically for your area of application, some good options are available. For example, go for the CTA gooseneck floor stand if you want something you can use without a desk, and consider the Parblo PR 100 if you intend to do a lot of drawing on it. Or, you can for the Lamicall pillow stand if you want something to comfortably place on your body.

Make the most of your tablet and e-reader

Elevating your tablet or e-reader experience with a stand is a splendid idea, but choosing the wrong one can quickly turn it into a nightmare. That's why you should consider what in particular you'd be using your stand or mount for before purchasing it. Nevertheless, whether you'll be designing and creating a digital masterpiece on your tablet or just browsing free books on your Kindle e-reader, there's a stand that fits your needs.

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