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ChatGPT is Finally Getting an Android App


At long last.

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It’s safe to say ChatGPT has already had a massive impact, but despite being global at this point, you could only (officially) use it through a browser. That changed when OpenAI released an official iPhone and iPad app back in May, but Android phones and tablets were still stuck with only the web app. Now, the official ChatGPT app for Android is about to launch.

Since its initial launch in late 2022, ChatGPT has grown rapidly and gone on to become used by millions of users around the world, despite being an unfinished (and often wrong) language model. It also spawned competitors to rush their own alternatives into the market, with Microsoft releasing Bing Chat and Google releasing Bard, in order to be able to compete. ChatGPT’s release on Android is nearing, and it will make the AI’s extense capabilities even more portable and bring them to even more users and devices worldwide.

OpenAI has announced that ChatGPT would be getting an official app for Android this week, and the Google Play listing is already available, allowing you to pre-register and be first in line to get the app when it goes live. Given there is also an iOS app, which was released a little over two months ago, ChatGPT is now officially available on the two biggest smartphone operating systems in the world, something that, by itself, might boost adoption even further. Competitors like Bing have a smartphone app already, and there are already many third-party ChatGPT clients on Android, so there’s no reason why ChatGPT shouldn’t be there too.

You could already use ChatGPT on your phone by opening it on your browser, and its responsive layout could even adapt to your phone’s tall screen. This should, however, provide you with a more native experience. This initial version should provide you with a rather barebones experience, but it should improve exponentially in subsequent updates — a big update to the iOS app recently added things such as Siri integration, and we could expect to see similar updates for Android users.

The app is not available yet as of the time of writing, but you can check out the listing and pre-register now.

Source: OpenAI (Twitter)

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