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The best Samsung Galaxy S22 cases in 2022


You can keep your fancy, overstuffed Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and its S Pen; the 6.06-inch Galaxy S22 actually fits in your hand — and all the way into your pocket — while packing the same powerful processor and performance. While this “baby” model is much easier to grip and use one-handed, it still deserves a proper case to guard against shattering drops, slippery falls, and unsightly scratches. The best Galaxy S22 cases add protection and functionality while accentuating either Samsung's style or your own.

From thin cases that preserve that dainty profile to heavy-duty cases that ensure your Galaxy S22 won't ever see so much as a scratch, we've gathered up the cream of the crop from the best case makers to ensure your case is as perfect as possible. Of course, security isn't the only go, you deserve a case that matches your style, whether that's tall, dark, and handsome or super vibrant or super tough.

Samsung stepped up its case game last year with the Silicone Cover with Strap, giving the Galaxy Z Flip 3 an instantly-iconic look that could then be further jazzed up with swappable straps. With the Galaxy S22, Samsung is kicking things into next gear, promising to offer a plethora of straps from everyone from Disney to UEFA soccer and everyone in between. The strap does more than look cute, though; it also works as a softer phone grip that won't interfere with wireless charging. While I do with the case itself came in more colors than just Navy and White, maybe more colors will come alongside the new straps.

Samsung Silicone Cover with Strap for Galaxy S22

As Poetic's newest case series, the Neon strikes a balance between heavy-duty protection and a more lithe profile. It uses the same tried-and-true dual-layer design as the Spigen Tough Armor and OtterBox Commuter Series, but Poetic has refined the design to achieve greater functionality and an iconic look. Cutouts on the back and sides of the hard plastic shell allow the grippier, impact-absorbent TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) to keep your phone from sliding around a table — or from falling out of your hand. Eight colorways ensure you can find one that matches your phone or your favored palette; there's even a lovely Sky Blue to match the S22's custom color.

Poetic Neon for Galaxy S22

If you need a case that can survive the apocalypse, Supcase crafted the Unicorn Beetle Pro just for you. Tested against 20-foot drops and complete with dust flap to keep sawdust or zombie guts out of your all-important USB-C port, the UB Pro series of cases have survived run-ins with bikes, cars, and even lawnmowers. It might be slightly too thick to work with most wireless chargers, but Supcase makes great use of that space with a wide, sturdy pop-out kickstand that you can also use as a phone grip in a pinch. While this two-piece case does come with a durable front frame, it doesn't have a screen protector built-in, meaning you can go with tempered glass rather than flimsy plastic. And if the five solid color options aren't to your liking, Supcase also offers a clear version (yes, really, clear) of the UB Pro exclusively on its website.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Series for Samsung Galaxy S22
Premium pick

4. UAG Monarch for Galaxy S22

8.50 / 10

This case may seem a bit extravagant between the 5-layer design and the $60 starting price, but the UAG Monarch is truly fit for a king, or at least for an adventure-seeking prince looking to slay dragons for glory. Like the Supcase UB Pro, the Monarch is rated for 20-foot drops, but even with the 5-layer construction, the Monarch is still thin enough to allow for wireless charging on most wireless chargers. While the leather models feel best to my hands, there are also carbon fiber and genuine Kevlar versions if you're feeling especially extra. The grip from the sides of this case is nothing short of sublime, and it will keep your Galaxy safe for years to come.

UAG Monarch for Galaxy S22

The Liquid Crystal is one of the most consistently superb thin clear cases, adding grip while showing off Samsung full design prowess, but what you might not know is that it actually comes in two flavors. The Spigen Liquid Crystal fills the traditional “crystal clear like nothing's there” role, but its Liquid Crystal Glitter twin offers a little more practicality on top of that pretty sparkle. Wait, hear me out! Clear cases always end up smudge magnets and dust amplifiers as the oils in your hands inevitably cling to pocket lint and whatever crumbs were on your seemingly clean kitchen table, but the Liquid Crystal Glitter helps hide the lint and the smudges within the softly shining pattern of the glitter. Whichever model you prefer, Spigen is your best clear case bet outside the heavy-duty segment.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Series for Galaxy S22

Don't mistake the Parallax's mesmerizing rear pattern for some printed design; it's a 3D texture that feels pleasant in the hand, looks enchanting to the eye, and still offers a flat-enough surface for you to stick on PopSockets or an adapter for your magnetic car mount. Along the sides of this Galaxy S22 case sit two textured pads, adding even more stability when you're trying to use the phone one-handed or type. The Parallax's color options give the Galaxy S22 a richer, more luxurious shade than the S22 Ultra itself or a Midnight Green that impeccably fits the Green Galaxy S22, though honestly, you can't go wrong with any color here.

Caseology Parallax for Galaxy S22

Crafted from American leather (yee haw!), this British-born case is attentively crafted and wonderfully detailed. The wallet portion of this case can carry three cards plus cash, and the magnetic clasps that hold it closed have been shifted down so that they don't cover the power button. (You might think that'd be a no-brainer, but it gets overlooked far, far too often.) The dark brown colorway feels more subtle and suave, but honestly, the black with that bold red threading and detailing looks too good to ignore.

Torro Genuine Leather Cover for Galaxy S22

This clear case is built for a beating; Ghostek utilizes R2X silicone shock absorbers to beef up resistance to the ever-dreaded corner drop and raised bezels to protect your screen and camera module from scratches. While the Ghostek is definitely not an “invisible” clear case, that's honestly a good thing. Clear cases often end up looking squirrely around the curves and corners, and you can still show off that custom S22 color while keeping it safe. Ghostek also has limited edition bumper colors in Red, Teal, Blue, and Purple, though this long after launch, they're getting harder and harder to find. Shame, that, the red version looks so cool, especially if you're packing a Phantom Black, Phantom White, Graphite, or Sky Blue Galaxy S22.

Ghostek Covert for Galaxy S22

OtterBox turned itself into the Kleenex of the heavy-duty case world, and after over a decade of amazingly rugged entries, it has its Galaxy S22 cases down to a science. Sleeker than the Defender Series and way better colored than the Commuter Series, the Symmetry is the Goldilocks of the OtterBox line: durable and dependable without turning into an unwieldy tank. Available in a Rest Purple that matches the 2022 Pantone Color of the Year “Very Peri” and a Renaissance Pink that looks you could almost see in the dark (or black, if you're boring), the Symmetry Series is the best OtterBox for the Galaxy S22.

Otterbox Symmetry Series Case for Galaxy S22

How to pick the best Galaxy S22 case for you

Each and every one of these cases will serve you well, but different cases suit different tastes. Some of us want — or need, in my clumsy case — all the protection we can get while others abhor adding any bulk to their shiny new Galaxy S22 at all. If you haven't dialed in your case preferences quite yet, let us help you make your decision:

  • How much drop protection do you need? Do you only need to worry about a phone slipping out of your pocket or off a desk a few feet to your carpeted floor, or do you have a kid that might throw your phone? Most cases that use thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) or another silicone-type material will withstand 4-6-foot drops, but if you have a physically demanding job, do lots of outdoor chores, or will be handing your phone to a young child, looks for cases with 12-20-foot drop protection like the UAG Monarch or Supcase UB Pro.
  • What thickness will you tolerate? The more protection a case offers, the more mass it needs to redirect and absorb the force of a drop. The opposite holds true, as well: the thinner you need your cases to be, the less of a hit it can take. Ultra-thin polycarbonate (PC) cases are only good for scratch protection: they shatter with any sizable impact. That's why if you want a thin but still protective case, aim for a soft TPU case like the Samsung Silicone Cover with Strap or the Caseology Parallax, as they offer at least some impact protection.
  • Are you against fun? Life's too short for boring tech, and that goes double for phone cases. After all, why spend all that money on a shiny flagship phone only to lock it away in a boring black box of a case? Play with color combinations like the Poetic Neon or consider adding a PopSocket or phone grip to single-color cases like the OtterBox Symmetry or Caseology Parallax. (Seriously, phone grips prevent RSIs, and RSIs suck.)

Once you have your durability and thickness preferences, you can start having fun with materials like leather cases, clear cases, and even fabric cases for your Galaxy S22. And nothing says you have to stop with one; I have a more durable case I wear out when out exercising and a slimmer case my S22 wears at home. And, of course, no case would be complete without a great Galaxy S22 screen protector to cover your glass, not just the S22's body. Another worthwhile addition is a PopSockets PopGrip; you can twist the top off and still use wireless chargers while still getting a more stable grip and a kickstand for those break room YouTube binges.

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